Centurion Labz In-Slinn


Gain muscle like you have been given the gift of great genetics like the Pro's! Fact: What you eat will either be stored in your muscles or stored as fat. Those who have gifted genetics end up having more of what they eat go towards their muscles as opposed to being stored as fat. Don't have gifted genetics? Don't need it! You have IN-SLINN! An increased Anabolic state is is yours at will with IN-SLINN as you drive glucose, nutrients, amino acids and protein to your muscles. IN-SLINN from Centurion Labz takes a Unique approach to getting you HUGE. The Bodybuilder who elects to add IN-SLINN is looking for MAXIMUM MUSCLE GROWTH during his Bulking phase. IN-SLINN is to be paired with carbohydrates to drive the Maximum amount of nutrients into the muscles to stimulate the Maximum amount of Lean Muscle Growth as fast as possible.