😱Sensationalism😱 in the fitness industry, something no one wants to talk about.

😱Sensationalism😱 in the fitness industry, something no one wants to talk about.

🤔 What is it? 🤔

Sensationalism is the presentation of stories or information in a way that is intended to provoke public interest or excitement, at the expense of accuracy. Think clickbait.

👉 Examples of it:

  • Don’t trust X, they’re lying to you and stealing your money!! ONLY I have the real answer.
  • You’ll lose 10 pounds in 10 days with these supplements which are the best I’ve ever had!
  • Posts or videos with huge claims based on one study (which are probably biased or skewed at a closer look).

Please lookout for this, sensationalism is used more often than you'd expect and is often financially motivated

😬 Am I guilty of it? A little bit. I’ve started posts off with very sensationalized titles like this “OPINION: most proprietary blends are trash 🗑”.

The difference? Balance. I use these titles to get initial attention, but I always do my best to present the bigger picture and note alternative views. And I almost always tell you upfront it’s an opinion, probably a fact-based opinion, but still my goal is full disclosure, so I’ll tell you it’s an opinion. NOT EVERYONE DOES THIS!!

👉 For example, with prop blends I know some people do it to protect the formula, not deceive customers. Does that mean I like prop blends? No, but I would be lying if I grouped them in with people with bad intentions.

🚨Abuse of sensationalism isn’t just in the fitness industry, it’s used everywhere to get attention and engagement. What I’ve noticed is that people become extremely skeptical. Is that bad? Not necessarily, I love a conversation in which both sides are open to other points of view or at least to listening.

You should absolutely question things in the fitness industry. At the end of the day, it’s your health at risk. ❗️BUT❗️don’t let sensationalism trick you or close you off to new ideas from a balanced perspective.

💡Just check the sources and remember that the truth isn’t always sexy.


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About the Author - Gabriella Mickel

Gabby owns Bullfrog Nutrition and Abiotic Factorz with Paul Callahan. She's completing a B.S. in Theoretical Math and a B.A. in History at OSU. Find her on instagram @gabriellamickel

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